SIGame: PC game


Challenge yourself with an exciting intellectual game that lets you explore your knowledge across different areas. Whether you're a trivia enthusiast or simply enjoy brain teasers, this game offers a fun and engaging way to put your knowledge to the test.

Gather your friends for a game night or connect with players from around the world through the Internet. Play together, compete, and see who reigns as the ultimate quiz champion!

With our easy-to-use question editor, you can craft your own custom questions. Be the quizmaster and challenge others with your unique trivia questions.

Join the fun and elevate your intellect today!

Version 7.10.3

System requirements

OS: Windows 10, Windows 11.

Online installation (583 KB + additional load ~70 MB)

Ofline installation

Known issues and solutions

No soundPlease check that the 'Multimedia Components' option is enabled in the 'Turn Windows Features On or Off' settings