About the Author


About Myself

Khil V. A. Mathematician, programmer.
Target platform: .NET.
Favorite technology: WPF.
Favorite programming language: C#/XAML/TypeScript. In addition to this, proficient in C++ and Java. Previously worked with Prolog. Long ago worked with Pascal, JavaScript, 1C... Created own language SPARD
Favorite topics: computational linguistics, games, and artificial intelligence.

Graduated: Gymnasium 1505 (silver medal), FMSH MAI (with honors), 8th and 5th faculties of MAI (with honors).

Thesis topic in primary education: System of equivalent transformations of texts on a subset of natural language.

Current position: programmer.

Support Financially

Implemented Products (all free)

  • SIGame.
  • SIQuester - editor and converter of SIGame questions
  • Simulator - program for conducting SIGame in real life with screen demonstration

Interesting Solutions in Products

  • SIGame: mechanism for crediting correct answers based on the existing answer in the database and the player's answer.
  • SIGame: Pareto optimal betting algorithms for Stake Questions and the final round.
  • SIQuester: mechanism for converting a "flat" text file into a structured SIGame question package (with division into rounds, topics, questions, and answers, authors, sources, and comments).
  • SIQuester and Vopros: own text transformation description language (SPARD) and its interpreter.

Completed Courses

  • online AI-class: 100% result;
  • online ML-class: 100% result;
  • online NLP-class: 92.5%;

Life Principles

  • Money should be earned to pay others for work you do not enjoy;
  • You should work and communicate with people who are smarter than you (or at your level);
  • Development is only possible when you step out of your comfort zone.